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10/02/2015 00:01

Contemporary bathrooms are designed to offer you much more than a simple bathing space. Style and convenience are the two words that rightly describe them. Shower tub combos are gaining popularity and many individuals are considering these as the prime element of their bathroom designs. Unlike a bathroom that either consists of a soothing shower stall or a relaxing bathtub, this one offers you both, in the same bathing space. Well, that's what this combo is all about. It offers a user the choice of taking a hot shower or soaking in the bathtub or doing the both, once he/she steps in this area. Well, we are sure that you are eager to find out the best combo designs, right? Here are some ideas to help you.

Simple Enclosure

One of the simplest ideas to opt for is a shower enclosure. Well, this is basically a bathtub that is updated to include various shower fixtures. This is the design to go for, if you already own a bathtub and plan to add a shower as well in the bathroom area. If a bathtub is placed in the center of the bathroom, consider adding a hand held one, and if it is placed besides a wall, you can consider fixing a shower head. Make sure that all the knobs are fixed near the bathtub boundary.

Framed Shower Tub

A framed shower tub is basically an updated version of a shower enclosure. There are various ways to frame it, and get a designer look. A popular option is to add the frame right over the boundary of the bathtub. Many prefer to install a half frame in case the tub is resting right against the wall. Various types of frames can be used to create the best combo units. The choice of material basically depends on the basic purpose of adding the frame. If you want to add that privacy factor, consider using a frosted glass. A semi-transparent or clear glass frame can be the best option if you just want to add one in order to avoid water spilling out of this unit. A premium range steam shower tub combo can also be created by installing a well-insulated structure with a door around this combo unit. You can prevent wasting time or becoming disappointed by carefully measuring the area available for a tub before you begin shopping for baths. Consider how you desire the bath to become installed within that region. Nowadays deciding on a tub for your character and comfort is simply as important as functionality.

A cheaper alternative to a framed shower tub is to hang a designer shower curtain.

Walk-in Shower Tub

Walk in showers are more common in larger bathrooms. When you have a huge bathing space available, why not utilize it to create a spacious tub. This one is basically designed to include both the units right besides each other. The entrance to this area of your bathroom is often created using clear or frosted glass doors. With clean cut lines and a mess-free design, the walk-in tub looks grand, and adds an elegant touch to the bathroom.

Whether you have a huge bathroom or a small one, getting the best combo and experiencing the features of a shower stall as well as bathtub with this single unit is a simply great idea. Well then planning to add one in your bathroom to experience a luxurious bath? So, get started, checkout the best designs, range in combo units, and plan ahead. Brand or no brand, DIY or hiring a professional, or simply adding this unit or a complete bathroom makeover, there are many factors apart from the additional plumbing that you need to consider while you plan to get in a combo unit. In any case, it is best to hire an experienced professional and get the task done in the best way.


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