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10/02/2015 00:44

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Aging at Home Expert

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Since 1996, Pat Krushen has been evaluating products in the walk in bathtub industry and has assessed the quality, ease of use and financial cost of walk in bathtubs on the market.

Previously a teacher and now a baby boomer herself, Ms. These days, when it comes to choosing a tub, the possibilities are nearly limitless. Choices include soakers and whirlpools; classic claw-footed versions; contoured forms, ovals, squares, and rounded; tubs with neck rests and armrests; tubs established into systems; and tubs you step down into-or even walk into. Consider how you desire the bath to become installed within that region. The tub you choose will regulate how it gets installed For example for seniors plus some disabled a walk-in tub might be a better choice than your convenientional bath tub. For others a luxurius tub manufactured from stone like tiger's vision or sapphire usually can be found in oval or rectangular shapes. Nowadays deciding on a tub for your personality and comfort is just as important as functionality. All of this variety comes at a cost, so it’s important to remember that the full total price of a tub will reflect the quantity of technology involved as well as the kind of finish and material.

Krushen expresses an interest in healthy aging and longevity as she approaches her senior yrears.


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